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The Access Learning pilot project was launched in the summer of 2013 by the Hawaii Department of Education to study the impact of digital curricula on both teaching and learning and it focused on three things:

  • Use of technology as a tool to encourage students to learn and collaborate.
  • Support schools and help ease the burden on teachers.
  • Provide materials for learning the English language and support the integration of technology into learning.

The Access Learning Program hopes to solve some long-standing challenges facing Hawaii public schools and help the Hawaii DOE figure out the next steps to take in the integration of technology in public schools. The schools participating in the program are: Keaau Elementary, Mililani Mauka, Mililani Waena Moanalua Middle, Nanaikapono Elementary, Nanakuli Elementary, Nanakuli High and Intermediate and Pahoa Elementary. These schools received devices for every student and teacher equipped with digital curriculum consistent with the Common Core Standards – a set of common learning standards for mathematics, English Language Arts/Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects.

The DOE hopes that the technology can be a tool to support teachers in their effort to personalize teaching/instruction and get the students more actively interested. Some of the expected results from the Access Learning Program include:

  • Consolidating multiple books and other learning materials.
  • Connecting education to an incredible supply of resources that could support personalized learning.
  • Cultivating key technical skills and preparing students for the future.
  • Providing extended access to learning through online courses and web-based materials.
  • Eliminating expensive printed learning materials.

One year in, the Access Learning Program survey results have been positive and encouraging. The DOE’s evaluation shows that in the future more planning time is needed for schools to prepare for program implementation and for professional development, additional resources are needed too. Perhaps we should start a massive fundraiser so more schools can participate in this program, if each school started a fundraiser towards such a program it could ease the burden on the DOE.

The final results of the the Access Learning Program pilot study will be out in May 2014, check back at this blog for an update.

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TUF Quote

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