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Fundraising Tips #1 – How To Pick The Right Fundraiser

There are many fundraising tips that we will be going through, but the first and most important one, is how to pick the right fundraiser. There are thousands of fundraisers and fundraising companies throughout the United States to choose from. Some are businesses or companies that are in a field not related to fundraising, but have a fundraising program with one of their products or services. The other, is actual fundraising companies that purely focus on fundraising and nothing else. Choosing the right fundraiser for your organization has many factors depending on your needs, so let’s go over a few main ones.

Types Of Fundraisers
There are many different types of fundraisers to choose from, but there are 3 main types you want to focus on. The first and most common one is selling physical products. This is where organizations go and buy small products and sell them for double the price. These products could range from candy, chips, cookies, snacks, other types of food, candles, roses, etc. This fundraiser can only be done if your organization has a large upfront budget. The other problem is that you have to order the EXACT right number of products. If you order too much product, you have to sell ALL of the products in a short period of time or you end up the profits until you can sell all your items. If you order too little amount of products, you will have to keep going back and reordering products which takes a lot of time, energy and usually gas money. So, be careful when you’re deciding how many products to use. Another downside, that when you sell physical items, people usually only buy one or two items at a time so they are not inconvenienced with carrying the products around even if it is for a short period of time. There is also a misconception that having product in hand will sell better, but in fact it may be easier to sell, but you will only ever sell an item or to at a time instead of selling a lot of product at once to each person like you do in Pre-Sale Fundraisers.

The second type of fundraiser is a Pre-Sale Fundraiser. This is where you pre-sell tickets or items ahead of time and then fill the orders at a later date. You could do this by selling tickets or using packets with order forms. We highly suggest you use packets with order forms. It is MUCH easier to sell your products in bulk to customers if they don’t have to worry about holding and keep track of a bunch of tickets. Another reason you use packets, is that you can display the products with pictures so people can actually see what they are buying, while with tickets, the customer can’t see the item they are buying which discourages them from buying your products. Also, it is mentally easier for a person to write a larger order on an order form than buying, 10, 20 or more tickets all at once. Here at The Ultimate Fundraiser, this is our best fundraiser method. We have customers that will buy $100, $200, $300 and sometimes even more product all at once via our orders forms. Try to sell 20 or 30 tickets to one person and see how it goes. Probably not well. This is why we feel this is the BEST method of fundraising overall.

The third type of fundraiser, is putting on large events. This could include Casino Nights, Golf Tournaments, Dinners w/ Silent Auctions, etc. Putting on these events You have 2 options when putting on these large events…Do it yourself or higher a company specializing in events or fundraising. You can only usually do events yourself if you have a large organization, a large budget and a lot of volunteers for man hours. If you go with an events company, it will be a lot easier to put together, BUT most events companies charge large upfront fees or will even take 80%-95% of the total revenue. Here at The Ultimate Fundraiser we put on the BIG Profit Events for organizations where we do EVERYTHING for the event A-Z and on top of that, we have the lowest rate in the country!


One of the main aspects you want to consider, is your budget. This is probably the biggest factor in choosing a fundraiser. Are you looking for a free fundraiser or do you have spending budget? And if you have a spending budget, how much can you afford to spend? Here at The Ultimate Fundraiser, We cover ALL the expenses that organizations normally have worry about. That’s right, ALL of our fundraisers are TOTALLY FREE!

The second most important part about choosing the right fundraiser, is the amount of time you can spend on a fundraiser. Whether you have a small or a large organization, you need to figure out who you have to help you and how much time everyone can give for the fundraiser. There is a BIG misconception that doing a fundraiser yourself is the most profitable, but that normally isn’t true. Yes, there are organizations that do well putting on their own fundraisers, but they usually means that they have been doing that specific fundraisers for a longer period of time or it is a simple fundraiser with a very high profit margin such as a spaghetti dinner. But these types of fundraisers are usually only once a year which makes it hard to do again in a short period of time. There are also organizations who do their own pre-sale fundraisers where they do ALL the work. When doing these types of fundraisers themselves, a lot of organizations THINK they make a lot more money than they actually do. What we mean by this, is organizations only look at their overall profit, not ALL the other factors that go into a fundraiser.

Money & Profit %
One of the main factors, is how much money you would like to make overall. Each fundraiser, each company and each product raise different Pros & Cons throughout the fundraiser and range in prices and profits. The biggest misconception is that a higher profit percentage means you will make more money overall. That simply isn’t true. If fact, it is usually the opposite. In order to make a higher profit percentage on a product, you must raise the price. This usually means that fundraising companies double the price of the product and the organization keeps whatever is on top of the actual product value. This essentially means that your family, your friends and your customers are paying a lot more than what the product is actually worth just to support your fundraiser.

Here at The Ultimate Fundraiser we are revolutionizing fundraising by flipping that old fundraising practice on its head. What we mean by that, is we offer ALL of our products cheaper than the store to give your customers more bang for their buck. This not only makes the customers happier knowing that they are saving money, they will also buy that product in bulk knowing that they are getting a great price. Yes, we may give may give a small profit percentage overall, but because of our quality products and our incredible prices, we sell an average of 10 times MORE products than the average fundraiser. What does this mean? Well let’s take a look at how this works…

Other Fundraisers
Average Sale Per Member:  $30
Profit Percentage: $30 x 40% = $12
Profit Percentage: $30 x 50% = $15

Average Sale Per Member: $333
Profit Percentage: $333 x 30% = $100
***Avg 5-10 Times The Profit!!!***

As you can see by looking at the comparison, that percentage isn’t the as important as you might think. It is all about how much money you can make overall. Even if you get 40%, or 50% or even more from your fundraiser, if you can only sell a limited amount of that product, it is hard to make a lot of money. In basic terms, it is a lot better to select a company or a product that is the easiest to sell with the best price. If you are able to sell more of that product a lot easier at a lower price, you make a substantial amount more money overall.

In conclusion, there are many factors to decipher when starting a fundraiser and we have covered the main aspects to consider. And yes, there many other different types of fundraisers you could consider that we didn’t cover, but they usually fall into one of these categories. The bottom line, is that depending on your situation, there are many different fundraisers for you to choose from. And the BEST aspect overall, is that The Ultimate Fundraiser covers ALL of these areas of fundraising! If you would like some more information about fundraising or if you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and we will more than happy to help you and your organization.

***We have TONS of fundraising tips for you and your organization, so please check our other blog articles to improve your fundraising knowledge!***

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