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With being a fundraising company here in Hawaii, we never try to take sides, especially when something is so important to both teachers and the government alike. We like to stay as Switzerland sometimes and play down the middle with support for the issue to be resolved and that’s what we are doing here. It is always a touchy subject when you bring up the pay of government employees and their worth to our society and community. Obviously, the state of Hawaii is suffering financially and we are trying to cut back in every way we can, but at the same time, not trying to give up our quality of life.

Hawaii Teachers Protest

Hawaii Teachers Protest

One of the biggest discussions is the pay amongst teachers in the state of Hawaii. Many teachers spanning over 40 schools are backing Wil Okabe HSTA President (Hawaii State Teachers Association) and the movement of “Work To The Rules” which classifies teachers fighting for rights and not just pay. Basically it is described as this; Contractually, teachers are only required to work from 8am-3pm and most teachers work much beyond those hours including tutoring, advising, coaching, attending meetings, leading clubs, proms, graduations, IEPs, lesson planning, grading and the list goes on. Normally in a “Work To The Rule” environment, all of these activities and more would usually stop at 3pm. One of the biggest complaint by the teachers, is that only in education are you expected to work extra hours without any additional compensation.

As one of the protesting teachers puts it, “We want a contract that ensures an end to teacher-furlough days, one that restores our pay, one that restores our health benefits, one that doesn’t tie potential pay increases (whenever the heck thaaat might ever happen!) to student test scores, one that protects teachers’ names and “scores” from showing up in the national media has happened to teachers in New York City), and on and on and on.”

During sometime in 2011, the union brought an unfair practice complaint against the state government of Hawaii with the state’s Labor Relations Board, but the panel didn’t act. Now the union has asked the state Supreme Court to order a ruling. The basic rule at this point, is that Hawaii teachers cannot call a strike until a decision is made by the labor relations board. The union and the governor’s administration have been negotiating without any success. Also, a mediator was brought in to help reach an agreement in some way, shape or form, but that effort failed too. As we speak, the negotiations continue for both sides.

Hawaii Teachers Continue To Protest

Hawaii Teachers Continue To Protest

As strong supporters of teachers and what they do for not only the state of Hawaii, but also all of our students and our community as a whole, we support both sides resolving this in hopes of not letting the students suffer. On one hand, the teachers became teachers knowing what the job entailed both before and after school on top of their normal school hours. Plus, the state is sinking in huge accumulated debt. BUT, on the other hand, very few jobs in the country are expected to work extra hours without any extra compensation. In this tough economy though, many people should be grateful just to have jobs to pay their bills, but yet still should be compensated fairly for their work. Either way you look at it, it isn’t a good situation and both sides have an argument. As parents, they look at it as their kids will suffer the consequences of this protest, but yet pretty much everyone agrees that most teachers usually go to the extremes to take care of their students and their well-being.

Negotiate Not Mandate!

Negotiate Not Mandate!

At The Ultimate Fundraiser, we are here to help in ANY way we can to resolve this issue. One of the biggest aspects we advocate about our fundraisers, is that we are willing to do FREE fundraisers to help compensate for teachers pay, whether it be for after school programs or activities. We are here to support the students in any way we can to hopefully ease the pain of these disputes between the teachers union and the government. We feel that there are many ways to resolve these issues and we want to do our part to put out there to the ENTIRE Hawaii community, that we will do a FREE fundraiser for ANY school in the state of Hawaii that is looking to offset the costs of their after school activities and programs. We customize all of our fundraisers exactly to each school’s needs and we will be there every step of the way to help in ANY way we can. Please give us a call if you need help at your school or in your community!

You Can't Put Students First If You Put Teachers Last!!!

You Can’t Put Students First If You Put Teachers Last!!!

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